Content Builders for the Heavy Construction Market

If you?re looking for an agency that with a fancy office that will come in and dazzle you with a dog and pony show full of fancy marketing jargon you’ve come to the wrong place. Fraley Construction Marketing is a content shop focused on getting the work done for the heavy construction industry without the frills.

We’re not your typical marketing consultant. We believe honesty is the best policy when promoting your company in the heavy construction company. Show and explain how your product or service is helping real companies. Fraley takes a “how stuff works” approach to promoting our partners.



We Create Content to Help You Grow Your Heavy Construction Business

What is content, you ask? It includes job stories, blogging, social media, email marketing, websites, photography, video, and more.

Working with Fraley Construction Marketing is not like working with a generalist we already have a deep understanding and a passion for heavy iron, dirt, infrastructure. Our knowledge of your industry will become apparent when we speak for the first time during your free consultation.

Our experts include seasoned technicians in the areas of writing, web design, and professional photography. The Fraley team is lean, mean, and focused on getting results quickly for our heavy construction clients.

Marketing is marketing, but there is an advantage in having a consultancy that speaks your language. We’re at home in boots on your jobsite or in suits in your board room. Some firms read books and claim to know your industry. We’ve climbed in your trenches and scaled your scaffolding. This hands-on understanding is completed by digging into the nuances of your operation to get results.

Not convinced yet? We prefer to let our clients do the talking anyway. Check out this ever-growing list of industry players that rely on us to create marketing content that works.

Brian Fraley: Deep Roots in the Heavy Construction Market

Brian brought a new level of understanding to marketing for the heavy construction industry when launching Fraley Construction Marketing (formerly Fraley AEC Solutions) in May 2014. He believes that creating interesting content is the key to marketing success.

Brian spent an entire career (25+ years) in marketing, public relations, writing and editing, jobsite photography, and business development within the built environment. The product of a multi-generational heavy highway contracting family, he’s been interested in dirt and iron since childhood. Learn more on his LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

Not much has changed.Today Brian helps heavy construction clients build their brands by creating written and visual content.He plays a hands-on role in every job. You can usually find him working on job stories, social media, email blitzes, websites, press releases, and more for a growing list of respected companies across the U.S.

Brian shares his knowledge in various construction magazines, and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. His free time is spent with family, writing, woodworking, landscaping, cycling, running, golfing, or voraciously consuming books and construction magazines.